The Weekend Edition

Here’s to another The Weekend Edition – enough good stuff to get your creative juices following until Monday. Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Today is the day.

The Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Wonderful vintage photos.

How to create the perfect book. The secret of page harmony.

The power of colour.

Hand-cut maps from Architect-artist Karen O’Leary.

Jon Contino.

56 Broken Kindle Screens Make One Perfect Coffee Table Book.

Knit Stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien.

Sticker art from CRYPTIK.

Podhouse - these are nice.

Shit Apple Fanatics Say

Behind the Knicks Logo with Michael Doret. 

The Orée Wireless Wooden Keyboard.

Tiny Oil Paintings Cover the Surface of a Penny. By artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs.