Pistonhead Crude Oil


Packaging for a chili based liquorice alcoholic beverage bottle designed by Neumeister.

Pistonhead Crude Oil is a chili based liquorice shot. Its iconic Calavera skull is the main sender and works as an integrated sub-brand to the Pistonhead name. Printing technique, typography and handling of details are more essential than for any prior line extension. The Kustom Kulture aesthetics simply had to be enhanced even further, preparing the brand to enter a wider spectrum of product categories – without losing its recognition.

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Loveland AleWorks


More great work from Manual, this time for Loveland Aleworks.

Manual created a complete visual and verbal personality to reflect the owners’ passion for beer, while reflecting a little of the local history of Loveland as a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, and as a town founded with the inception of the Colorado Central Railroad. The identity takes cues from Loveland’s past as a railroad town, from the logo badge itself, to the custom-designed tap handles based on 19th century railway signal levers.

A central part of the identity is a custom-designed display typeface in two styles. A key focus of our design strategy was to marry the old with new, and bring style into the brewery tasting room experience. Manual worked closely with the client to develop the interior and exterior, exemplifying the brewery’s charm. We designed the interior to retain existing elements of the building, but offset it with a clean, contemporary feel.

Honest materials including raw plywood posters, letterpress coasters, local reclaimed wood furniture, and heavyweight iron-forged hanging sign give visitors an immediate impression of Loveland Aleworks’ passion for handmade craft.


Coffee Supreme


Excellent work by Hardhat Design for Coffee Supreme.

Coffee Supreme’s take-out cups were already known in NZ and Australia for being unusual, distinctive and quirky, so while we knew from our re-brand brief that they wanted the brand to ‘grow up’, we felt it was important they didn’t lose their individuality.

Ideally they also needed to convey Coffee Supreme’s love & enthusiasm for the handmade craft of making coffee, that they were confident and quirky, approachable and supportive, and staying true to the good old fashioned standards the company started out with.

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Bob’s Tasty Habaneros


Wonderful lettering and packaging work from Nick Misani.

These two labels were created for a hot sauce maker in Western Massachusetts. Bob grows his own organic habaneros to make his sauce and jelly, which are produced in small batches. The design was created as a rubber stamp, so Bob doesn’t need a computer to produce his labels every year (just paper, ink, wheat-paste and he’s ready to go).

Theo Chocolate


Nice packaging work designed by Kelly Thompson of Theo Chocolate, Inc.

Theo limited edition line features rotating seasonal products. Every chocolate bar is handcrafted by a small team of chocolatiers. The bars are hand deposited and hand wrapped in paper made from 100% post-consumer waste.

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Welcome to the land of Ritzling – Bottled Happiness from Tardis Design.

Brand positioning, brand creation and packaging design for this new beverage category. Ritzling is a sparkling Riesling aimed at intelligent, chic women, who celebrate life every day.

The name and brand is based on the Mythical Valley of Ritzling, a domain where women have been worshipped for over 25,000 years. It was this brand story that helped us create the design for the packaging, plucking mythical and magical creatures from our imaginations.

Casa del Agua


Lovely. Packaging for Casa del Agua designed by Cadena + Asociados Branding.

Casa del Agua is an artesian bottled water boutique based in Mexico City. Water is the center piece of any ecosystem, making better water is making a better us. Water is the main conductor of energy, its molecules are sensitive to human intention. Our water is collected, filtered and purified on site, that´s why we called it local water. We stimulate water with our basic values: love, gratitude, and respect, therefore it reaches its highest potential. Simple and clear. Our water is craft bottled in a calm environment.

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Limited Edition Soup


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s 1962 famed work, 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, Campbell Soup Company is introducing limited-edition cans of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato soup with labels derived from original Warhol artwork. The four specially-designed labels reflect Warhol’s pop-art style and use vibrant, eye-catching color combinations like orange and blue, and pink and teal. Nice.

In 1962, Andy Warhol changed the trajectory of contemporary art by depicting Campbell soup cans on canvas. It is only fitting that fifty years later we celebrate the enduring legacy of these two American icons by coming full circle and bringing his art back to the Campbell soup cans that provided him with inspiration.

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Williams-Sonoma Pasta Packaging


Great! Packaging designed by Williams-Sonoma Brand Packaging Dept.

As part of the new ‘pantry essentials’ line of products within the Williams-Sonoma stores, this package was meant to be a modern interpretation of simple and classic pasta packaging.  The intention was for it to feel high-end and artisanally crafted to highlight the single origin nature of the semolina flour used to made this hand-cut pasta.



Branding and packaging designed for Fuel, a cafe & custom coffee shop located in Brighton MA, by Richie Stewart of Commoner, Inc.

Our goal for the design was to play off the name of the brand and create a concept that referenced the aesthetic of old motor oil cans. We sourced some super shiny, metallic bags to suggest what the material of those cans would have originally been made of.

We did 1& 2 color prints on self adhesive labels with the main logo mark and style of coffee. These were then applied to each bag individually. Not only did this save on cost but it gave the finished product a slightly more human, handmade quality which mirrors the small batch roasting process in which the coffee was made.

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Goshen Coffee Company


Stand out packaging by Atomicdust for a 100% organic coffee company that used a creative approach to make the brand more accessible.

Goshen Coffee Company has been serving up uncompromisingly full-flavored, socially conscious whole-bean coffee in the St. Louis area for more than ten years. When a new owner recently took over the shop’s daily duties, Goshen asked Atomicdust to re-imagine its product packaging and website to better reflect and reassert its commitment to unique, bohemian java – as well as their colorful attitude. Atomicdust is filled with coffee addicts and enthusiasts, so we were excited to drink up the challenge.

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Twin Wave Snack Kit


This is nice. Sharon Hsiao successfully completed a brief for Twin Wave Snack Kit to re-design their packaging so the product is both energy-smart and kid-friendly.

Replacing the original non-recyclable materials used for these kids snacks with biodegradable cardboard and recyclable aluminum and plastic makes the packaging lighter, reducing fuel requirements for transportation.The style and format of the illustration is designed to appeal to the younger audience, making the snacks fun and exciting to eat.

Boris Ice Tea


Canadian studio lg2boutique continually deliver outstanding identity and packaging work. Their redesign for Boris Ice Tea brand is no exception.

As always, it was important for us to make sure Boris Ice Tea would stand out on the shelves. Alcohol ice tea is an exciting new niche in the Quebec market, and we knew that some American brands were going to jump on the bandwagon. With that in mind, we wanted to create a concept that was going to distance itself from what the others might do and develop a look that consumers would associate with the Boris brand.

Tomoka by Arcadebox


Gorgeous packaging by Arcadebox.

Tomoka is the legendary schooner Captain Bill McCoy used for rum-running, also known as bootlegging, during the time of prohibition. Tomoka was one of the most famous rum-runners and as McCoy became famous for never watering his booze and only selling top brands, Tomoka is often associated with the term “The Real McCoy”. The bottle label tells the story of Captain McCoy and the inspiration behind Tomoka.

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Gorgeous packaging from Dapper Paper with their recent branding and packaging design project for Slingshot Coffee Co.

We really wanted to give the logo and overall branding a unique look that would pop off the shelf, while keeping a rustic, vintage-modern aesthetic, which was important to the client. To differentiate between the ready-to-drink and concentrate bottles, we reversed out the bold black and cream colors and added one accent color to each bottle. We used lid stickers that coordinate in color with their coffee type. This coffee is seasonal and the lid sticker text will change with each new coffee blend, describing the flavor profiles of each one.

Filippo Menna


Nice packaging from Angelini Design.

The packaging of pasta Filippo Menna has been studied by Angelini Design to export our good name overseas: the classic transparency of the packages was joined by a symbol of the Vesuvius and the traditional color of the city of Naples, light blue. The Italian touch on this packaging is evident, inside it is the most traditional line of products for Garofalo: this pasta in fact takes its name from the son of the Group’s president, and is prepared according to the classic recipe of Gragnano.

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Friss Biotojas by Otilia Erdelyi


A lovely packaging concept – Friss Biotojas egg carton by Otilia Erdelyi.

My goal was to design an innovative package using a small amount of material. It’s made of natural microwaved carton and consists of one piece. The eggs placed into ellipse-shaped cuts. The consumer can get the eggs by the turning of topside.

Via XX Settembre


Via XX Settembre packaging designed by Studio Fusentast.

A family run business from the harbour town of Genova, making and distributing organic food. A pattern with a distinct color scheme inspired by the sea is consistently used on all packaging, making it easy to recognise. The labels are kept simple, yet informative, and the typefaces chosen are inspired by Italian culture. The crest used in the logo and on the packaging is to emphasize the family aspect.

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